My daddy Petr Sykora is far away he is in New York and a terrible terrible thing has happened! And I do not know what to do! And I am a scared scared scared chinchilla!

It is our big stupid dog. It is always our big stupid dog. I am working, I am trying to be finishing part of my big secret project or maybe thinking about beautiful chinchilla, and I hear crash and thud and boom and bark and clank and woof and I am very, very frightened and I jump and I run away and I hide under the couch and everything gets quiet and I come out to see what has happened and I see horrible horrible thing.

It is Meysvek and it is he has been trying to get into my cage and to get at my chew toys and he is stuck and my cage is broken and my house is broken and my wheel is bent and has dog drool on it and I can not get at my water bottle and I can not get at my hay dish and I can not get at my food pellets and I can not get to my corner and big stupid dog can not get himself out and he is chewing on my toys! And I am hungry and I am tired and I am a cranky chinchilla and I want to go back to my house and sleep, but I can not, because my home is destroyed.

I do not know what to do! I am very very very very upset now. I want my daddy! I want my daddy to be home with me!

I am hoping that the neighbor will come and fix things. But I do not think that this is something that the neighbor can fix. But my daddy could fix it. My daddy could make it be okay. My daddy can do everything.

But he is not HERE!

Oh, what will PJ do? Poor me, PJ!
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This is not an easy entry to write.

Because it is about things that I am not used to talking about. Not me, PJ!

But I am going to, because it is this that has made me be a very quiet chinchilla lately.

It was months and months ago, and I was talking about how I love my daddy, Petr Sykora. He is very wonderful, and he was very sad then. But one of the things that I said then was that I do not know about the love of one person for another person, or of one chinchilla for another chinchilla, I just know what it is like to be a chinchilla and to love a hockey player. Me, PJ! Because I do!

Now... now I do not know. I do not know if I know what is is like, the love of a chinchilla for another chinchilla. But I think that I would like to find out.

See, we were in the Czech Republic over the summer. And my daddy and Mavlat were being very together and very happy and I was lonely. Yes, me, PJ. I missed my home and I missed the attention that my daddy gave me before and I missed my cage and my wheel and my house and I was even starting to miss big dumb drooly dog. And so I was feeling lonely and neglected and I thought about chewing through Mavlat's mattress to make myself feel better. But I did not. I am a good chinchilla!
But my daddy and Mavlat did not ignore me always, sometimes they took me out around Brno and to see things and to shop. And it was one day and I saw someone very special. And then every time we went out again I saw the special someone again. And we would look at each other and I think that the special someone was interested in me like I was interested in the special someone, because we were doing the same things when we saw each other. Special someone is a beautiful sapphire chinchilla, and is a little bigger than I am. And I do not even know if special someone is boy chinchilla or girl chinchilla, because I have not been close enough to even smell other chinchilla. But other chinchilla is sweet and beautiful and has very bright eyes that sparkle.

And I am very happy to be back in California now, with my daddy and our house and my cage and my chew blocks and my wheel and my house, and even big dumb dog.

But also I kind of miss my mystery chinchilla in Brno. And I think about the mystery chinchilla very much.

Oh, this is embarrassing to say out loud after all this time!
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Hello again!

It has been a long time since I have posted!

But my daddy is in training camp again soon, and maybe Mavlat will go home someday and I will not have to spend so much time with big dumb dog and I am back at home, with my own cage and wheel and chewing blocks and water bottle and finally I have recovered from all of the travelling now, I think. And recovered from the homecoming. Big dumb dog was so big and so dumb and so excited to see me again in big dumb dog way that big dumb dog got big dumb dog drool all over sweet little chinchilla (that is me, PJ!) and so the chinchilla had a coat that was full of smelly stinky dog drool and it did not come out for a week! with dust baths twice a day! and also I had chinchilla fur fall out of me, PJ!

I have actually been a very busy chinchilla, but you would not know it because I have not been writing about it here. I have had something to think very hard about, and I have had a very very special secret project that I have been working on.

It is very special.

And very secret.

Special! And Secret! By Special Secret PJ! Me, PJ!

But I will share it with all of you. But if I am going to, you have to all convince my daddy to buy me a scanner. A really good one. The kind that a chinchilla can use easily.

Okay. I will post more later. Me, PJ!
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PJ chez Mavlat!

My daddy Petr has been busy lately. He has been spending a lot of time with Mavlat. Sometimes he cooks which is interesting and sometimes they are off by themselves and sometimes they go out to clubs and leave me alone here. Me, PJ! We are in Brno now which is bigger than Trebic and is very interesting. I had a pencil and a notepad and I was trying to make a list of ways that Moravia is different from Bohemia but then I got distracted and chewed apart the pencil instead. The pencil lead part is dark grey and shiny and I think it matches my fur well. I think that I should stay with the computer, though. I am glad that I did not find a pen.

I do not have very much else to say. I watched the Wimbledon with my daddy. It was very interesting, too. But I do not think that my daddy was interested. I liked the shiny things that they gave the people at the end. And I like to watch the tennis. They are much better players than Mavlat. And do not break racquets. They are even better than my daddy! And my daddy is the best at everything in the world.

I wonder if there are other chinchillas in the Czech Republic. Other than me, PJ! Maybe I would like to see another chinchilla.
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(no subject)

It has been very exciting here! We have been visiting Patchelly and his girlfriend person in Trebic. I do not have a lot of time on the computer, so I have not been updating and commenting very much. But from the last time I wrote, we have been hiking with a picnic. I rode in the backpack, me, PJ! Because it would be hard for me to keep up on the walk. We hiked a long way. And also Yvonne who is Patchelly's girlfriend and very nice made us a very good dinner. She is very nice and very pretty and she can cook things that smell wonderful. And my daddy Petr is happy and I am also happy. And then yesterday we did more going out and exploring and looking at things. And Patrik said that since it was my daddy's name day, and also my name day since I have the same name as my daddy only with a "junior" attached, we should do something special. And so we did. It was very exciting. Exciting for me, PJ!

It is a very good summer. It is much cooler and nicer here than summers in New Jersey. And it is a vacation from mister big dumb barking dog. And exciting new things and nice people. Patchelly is not looking at me quite so weirdly now, and my daddy says that he will give me clippings when he gets his hair cut to chew on if I do not give him a haircut myself. I like this idea although I think that it would be best to chew on his hair. It looks very soft and chewable. But again daddy says no. No chewing on Patchelly hair for me. Me, PJ! He reminds me of this whenever Patchelly goes into the kitchen where he does not follow, especially if he has caught me looking at it. But I want my dust bath and so I will be good. Yvonne also has very pretty hair which is long but it is all straight and all one color and not quite so exciting looking. But they both smell good. I think that they use the same shampoo.
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(no subject)

We have been visiting with Patchelly. And Mavlat came. And all three of them played tennis. My daddy won, of course. And was the best player there. And Mavlat got made. And Patchelly made jokes, because Patchelly always does that. And I was the ball chinchilla! Well, I sat in the shade and chewed on a tennis ball. It was fuzzy and rubbery and weird.

I think that I will get to take my dust bath in the Stanley Cup! This is very exciting. Me, PJ!

Patchelly was making fun of me before. And so I stared at him. I think that this made him nervous because he did not say anything about me for a little while. And I also learned that he gets very agitated when I try to chew on his hair. It is hard to resist, though. It is quite long. He and my daddy talk a lot, and my daddy seems to be relaxeder and happier right now. So this is good. And Mavlat did not bring me treats, but he let me climb on him and be cute little PJ and he is very good chinchilla petter.

So I am having a good time being with friends in Trebic. It is not a very big city, but river and mountains are pretty, and I got to see the very big clock and have lunch by Karlovo Square. I want to go to Zamosti and to the basilica and museum and see the very old things. But not chew on them. Even if I am tempted. Also take a picnic to a lookout or nature reserve. But that is many things to do and I do not know if my daddy and Patchelly will have other plans. It is not a big deal, I am happy just to be here.
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PJ, World Traveller!

I am in Czech Republic! It is very very very exciting. Just as exciting as I thought it would be!

It is weird because I do not know when to sleep and when to wake up. It is dark at all the wrong times. But I am getting used to it.

We went and walked around and went to museum and looked at paintings. Paintings were very pretty but some were in frames that looked so very very chewable! But my daddy would not let me go loose to try to find out if they were as chewable as they looked. The city is very pretty and very exciting and very different from where we live in Anaheim or where we lived in West Orange. My daddy's mother is a very nice woman but I do not know what exactly she thinks of me. I think she is not sure what a chinchilla is and why there is one in her house. My daddy also has new friend, and I do not know what exactly I think of him. I am not sure what he is and why he is with my daddy. But I am learning more Czech to speak and I am having a good time and it is very nice here. I will not admit if I miss big stupid dog Meysvek. I would stay forever and ever and ever. Or at least for the rest of the summer.
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Excited chinchilla!

I rode in a plane! In a plane in a plane in a plane!

It was big. And loud. I did not like the airports. And my ears hurt. But we went up so high! And I looked down and there were clouds, lots of clouds, and then there was stuff that my daddy told me was water and land from a very long way. So high up! It was kind of scary. But very very exciting!

And now we are in Nova Scotia for Jayess's wedding and there are lots of people and we are in a room and it has soap and a remote control that I can use.

I get to ride in a plane again! To go back to California where we live! And then again! To go to the Czech Republic for the summer with my daddy! I am so excited. I will be less scared the next time. I am with my daddy! We are in Canada! I was worried that they would need me to give them a passport. But they did not mind that I do not have one. I do not know where I am a citizen of, actually.
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I am going to Czech Republic! *chitters*

My daddy Petr has decided to take me to Plzen with him this summer. I am very, very excited. For three reasons:

1) Despite that I speak very good Czech for an American chinchilla I have never been to the Czech Republic. There will be new things to see and hear and do and people to see and exciting things.
2) I do not think that Meysvek will be going. So it will be just me and my daddy. Like in the old days before we got our dog. I like the idea of special time with my daddy.
3) I get to be with my daddy ALL SUMMER LONG! He travels so much and I miss him so much. He is the most important anything in the world to me, and now we get to have months and months together.

So last night and today I have been looking at maps and websites about the Czech Republic. I want to see everything and that they will let a chinchilla do. It is so very exciting! And Daddy says we will see Patchelly and Mavlat and all his old friends, and that there will be new kinds of treats for me, and that it will be a very good summer. And I think that it will be, too.

Over the weekend when my daddy got better I played at Chutes and Ladders and Sorry! with him and with Jayess. My daddy won at Chutes and Ladders, but I was very close, and I was a very good loser, too. I did not chew on the board or anything. Then we played Sorry! and I cleaned the floor with the hockey players. I am a very good Sorry! player if I do say so myself. And Daddy and Jayess did not chew on game board when they lost, either. Which is good. So it was a very nice time. I thought maybe Jayess would stay and play more games, but he left. And then my daddy and Meysvek and I hung out together as a family for a while before bedtime. It was good.
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