PJ (petrjunior) wrote,

Well, life is good in the Sykora cagehold. While we were out taking some exercise last week, Kazmir, our little troublemaker, got his paws on a new toy.

He took the medal that his grandpa, Petr Sykora, won off the table and began carrying it around in his mouth, scamper scamper scamper.

The thing is, the medal was a little bigger around than little Kazmir's head is off the floor. So as he bounded across the room it would hit on the floor, scamper klunk scamper klunk scamper clunk.

And then he got the ribbon the medal was attached to caught up on my daddy Petr Sykora's keys, scamper jingle klunk scamper jingle klunk scamper jingle klunk.

And THEN, big stupid dumb dumb stupid dog Meysvek comes in and sees Kazmir with medal and keys going across floor, and he being big dumb dog must get in on the act, scamper jingle klunk woof scamper jingle klunk woof scamper jingle klunk woof.

And they went on scamper jingle klunk woof scamper jingle klunk woof CRASH clatter bang thud smash splash and they had gotten into the kitchen and knocked over the dog water bowl and hit the table and overturned dishes and soup pot and radio and got tangled in electrical cord and sometimes I am not sure what my daddy Petr Sykora thinks of our household. Jacquelina was very concerned and worried and spent most of the rest of the week chittering over Kazmir, and Nadezda was so troubled by all the noise that she stayed under the couch for two days, and Kazmir kept hold of the medal all the time. Even now that I look over at him he is sleeping holding it between his front paws and resting his head on it. My crazy, crazy little boy.

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