PJ (petrjunior) wrote,

Hello again every one!

I am afraid that it has been a very, very long time since I have written in this journal. I do not have a good excuse except that fatherhood is keeping me very busy. Me, PJ! Yes! I am a daddy! And my daddy Petr Sykora is a grandpa!

Jacquelina and me, PJ are now the parents of two beautiful little chinchillas.

Our daughter is Nadezda. She is eight months old, and she is a beautiful girl. Nadezda is a little bit shy, but she loves to run in her wheel and she loves yogurt-covered raisins. She does not like to eat them in front of people, though. When my daddy Petr Sykora gives her a raisin, she takes it into the corner of her cubby and hides her head in there and eats it. She is very charming.

And then Kazmir is our youngest, a great big boy! His name is meaning the destroyer and this is a good name for him. He is only five weeks old but already we can see that he is going to be a handful. His favorite game is to tease big dumb dog Meysvek. When he first tried this, Meysvek ran up to the cage and was barking and growling and pawing to try to get at baby Kazmir. And Kazmir's grandpa Petr Sykora came running up to protect little Kazmir, and he tripped on a table and fell down and hurt his foot very much. And then big dumb dog Meysvek jumped on him. Stupid mutt.

Kasmir is also something of a daredevil. When he was first able to jump the first thing that he did was to climb to the ledge at the top of the cage and then jump down to the bottom. He now likes this game very much. And with all of his tricks and stunts, poor Jacquelina will turn from sapphire to white. It is hard for her, my poor beautiful wife.

It was also hard for both of us at the beginning because Kasmir had a twin sister. We named her Zelenka but she was very small and weak and could not eat on her own. She only lived for two days. It was a very hard time for all of us, but little Kazmir was very good at distracting us from being sad all of the time. Because baby chinchillas need to be cared for, too.

So this is my family! Me, PJ! We are in Russia now where we get to see Patchelly sometimes, but I think that I miss California and the United States. There was better television there to watch, too.

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