PJ (petrjunior) wrote,

Do not worry about me! I am safe! I am okay!

Ohhhh! It has been so long since I have updated and it has been so very very long and I am afraid that my daddy Petr Sykora who I love will be very worried about me but it is not my fault! I have not been able to get to a computer for a long time. But I am safe and I have been safe and I have been having such adventures! But now I have a job and I am just tired all the time.

So where was I? I was with the enthusiastic guy. He was very enthusastic. But I have not seen him in a while. I left with some people who were at the rally and were going on the way that I wanted to go, and they were in a band. They had a lot of hair and they let me chew on a drumstick. And then they let me play a drum of my very own, or jump on it anyway. And so I got to be in the band. And we went to a big city Chicago and we went into a club. It was noisy and crowded and I felt like I was dressed completely wrong. And so the guy with the guitar with four strings went to a girl who was by the stage. She had these black leather things on her wrists that had shiny things on them. And he asked her if he could have one, and she looked at him and she said it was okay, and so he took it and he put it on me. And then I got to see my reflection in his guitar and I looked very very tough. I was a rock star! And I got to sing a little bit, but I am not a very good singer. And I played on my drum. And I ran up the walls at the side of the stage and danced. I was a big hit! Everyone was cheering and yelling for me. Me, PJ! And then the man who was singing put me on his shoulder so that I could share a microphone with him, and he said that we were going to do a special song. I was nervous, because this was not something that we had talked about when we were on the bus going to Chicago, but he started singing the song, and it was a song about a chinchilla! Afterward I asked him to write down the words for me and he did and now I will write them here for you.

Satan sucks.
But you're the best!
Holy smokes, you pass the test.
When I'm with you I feel blest.
My chinchilla.

Satan sucks.
But you're okay!
Since you came, things go my way.
Here tomorrow, here today.
My chinchilla.

One day I woke up and everything was beautiful.
My troubles had all fallen out the window.

Satan sucks.
But you're divine!
Sitting pretty by my side.
My oh my, my chinchilla.

I wish that I had a recording. We rocked very hard. He sang and I chittered and everybody played and it was very, very good. Afterwards I thought about dying my fur green and purple, but then they said that they were going north, and that was not where I wanted to go. And so I left with the girl from the audience who gave me her wrist thing.

And she took me with her to her college, and she took me to a meeting about how it is very important not to be mean to small furry cute animals. And since I am small, and I am furry, and I am cute, I agreed with her. And the people at the meeting were all very enthusiastic. I stayed with some of them for a while, and they gave me pellets and raisins and let me run around and chew on anything I wanted to. One day one of the girls had a boyfriend who came over and saw my duck shirt and he said "Oh! Do you like the Ducks?" and I said that yes, I like the duck team, and then he took me to see people play hockey with duck shirts on, and none of them were my daddy, and they were not as good as my daddy is, but it made me think of home. I came back to the university and I missed my daddy so much! I sat in a shoe in the dark and I cried because I was lonely for my daddy, Petr Sykora, who I love and who loves me and who named me after him.

And then one day on the weekend they all got into cars and they were driving toward where I wanted to go to and so when they wanted to take me along I let them. They put a black shirt on me that had the letters C.L.F written on it. And I asked what that was for and they told me that it was for the Chinchilla Liberation Front. And then they told me that we were going to a laboratory in Ohio where they take chinchillas apart to find out how that they work! And that was upsetting, because they could just ask us, you know! I would tell them anything! Me, PJ! And so I wore my black shirt and my black tool belt and I had goggles and a rope and they taught me how to open locks. And they told me that they were going to distract the people in the laboratory and that my job was to get in and set all of the chinchillas free!

And so they started making a big commotion, and I slipped in, because I am very sneaky and very fast and very clever. Me, PJ! So I went in to the room where they kept the chinchillas. They were in cages, and I had to climb up the sides to open the doors. And I opened them up and I let all the chinchillas go. And then we had to all be very sneaky and clever and hide and slip out of the building. It was very tricky. Other chinchillas just wanted to run around. But I had to make sure that they went out to the cars. I told them that there would be lots and lots of raisins and other treats for them.

But then the girls who were distracting the other people came back to the cars, and they did not give the other chinchillas treats, they just let them run free. And I was very confused. I am a chinchilla who runs free, but I have supplies to protect me and I carry food and anyway it is not easy to be a chinchilla alone. And there it was a big research university and there were people and cars everywhere and it was just not a safe place for a lot of chinchillas who had never been free and outside before! I was very upset and I was very angry at them. And so I left and I went on on my own. I got on a bus and it took me to another city that I have heard of before, and then I got on a train and it took me to another city that I have heard of before, and then I rode a smaller train, and then I got off the trains and I went to a little store with a green and white sign and I got a job.

And this is what I am doing now. I mostly make coffee. Sometimes I work at a cash register. Me, PJ! It is like the job that I had before when I ran away, really. And it is good because I need to save up money. It is not a bad job. Mostly people do not pay very much attention to me. But then late at night a few days ago a guy came in. He was tallish and thinnish and he had a hat and he was wearing sunglasses even though it was dark out and he looked sad under the sunglasses and he was talking to me. I thought he was a little strange at first but he was fun to talk to and he made me laugh and I think that he liked to talk to me, maybe. And so I have a friend here, now. He let me come to his house and use his computer. And that is how I am writing this update after a very long time without updating.

I am sorry if you are worried about me, Daddy. Miluju te.

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