PJ (petrjunior) wrote,

Guess where I am NOW?

I was in Boulder they told me, and I stayed there for a while. I got to watch my daddy's duck shirt people play Paulkareer's new shirt people when I explained to the nice people that I was staying with that it was my daddy. It did not come in very well, and I did not get to see very much of my daddy Petr Sykora, but that was okay. I stayed there for a while and ate raisins and special hay and then I decided that it was time to go on. I have a new bag, because I could not fit food things and extra hay and duck face shirt and new tie-die shirt and my daddy's Mastercard. So now I have new pretty woven bag.

And I left to go on because there were people who were leaving to go in the same direction that I was going. Apparently there is a big important politics thing happening and they want to be there to help support a guy. They say he is a doctor and that he is very smart and very good and he will save everything. I do not know if I understand all of this and I did not know what to say, but they decided that they would take me with them, and so we drove away from the place with the nice boys and their van. It was very hilly, and then it was very flat, and there was nothing at all to see out the windows. But they fed me more hay and they did not get upset when I would eat the hay and then look for more to eat and chew on their clothes and their necklaces and their car. There was not the stopping to take long walks this time. They did a lot of talking about things and it was interesting because they cared very very much. I did not understand a lot of what they were talking about, though.

Then we got to a place where there were flags and banners and lots of people and they told me that I should ride on the shoulder of one of the girls and that we were going to be a rally. And I said Okay and I got on but I made sure that I could hide under her hair if it got too crowded and scary. And I was there and it was very exciting! There were a lot of people and they were very enthusiastic about the guy and then a man came up and started talking and I guess that this was the guy who they were very enthusiastic about because everyone cheered and cheered and then they listened to him and then they cheered again. I listened too and I do not know if I understand everything he was saying, but he was saying some things about how there are people who are doing bad things and how he can make the bad things be better, and I think that that is a good idea. And we walked around and we handed out papers to people and sometimes people would see me and want to touch me, but that makes me nervous. I tried to help, then, by going into the girl's backpack and getting more papers out for her when she ran out.

And we did things like this for a few days, and it has been getting more and more exciting. Then at night I go and I run around in a bathtub with the lights out so that I can calm down, and then I floop down and I sleep. I do not think that all of this excitement is good for a little chinchilla, no, but it is so exciting anyway! I do not understand it but I do not think that I would like to miss it.

They are saying that tomorrow is a very important day and the people I am with are expecting that the guy who we are following around will show very well. I hope that this is not a bad thing, because I would not like to be involved with anything naughty. I am a good chinchilla!

So I am going to sleep now and wait to see what happens tomorrow. And then maybe I will find some other people to go on with. I miss my daddy, and I love my daddy, but I am also having an exciting chinchilla trip.

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