PJ (petrjunior) wrote,

Guess where I am now??

After I left the bunny place I went back to the city and I went into a place with laundry machines to see if I could find someone who would wash my duck shirt. And I met two nice boys who were doing laundry and they let me put my duck shirt in. And they smelled interesting and they had raisins and they had a map and while I watched them talk they were planning on going in the direction that I want to go in. And so they let me ride with them.

They had a fun car! It was a van and it had things painted on it and stickers and there were bead strings that I could chew on and they made me a little poncho and a little rainbow shirt that they said was something called tie-dye and when I was looking for hay to eat they said that I could have some special hay that they had which they said was something called hemp. I thought that it tasted pretty good, but not like the timothy hay that I have at home. And then I ate more raisins and also someone's shoe. And then I think that they were burning something because the van got very smoky, but then they opened some windows after a while and I felt better and went to sleep.

And I looked out the van window when I woke up and there were mountains and they were huge and rocky. It was very big and very imposing and very pretty, and I looked and stared and stared and stared and I felt like I was a very, very, very small chinchilla. And they would stop driving the van and get out and take long walks, and sometimes I would ride in a backpack and look at everything, and sometimes I would be scared because everything was so big and cold and strange, and I would stay in the van and eat hay and sleep. And then once when they came back from walking for a long time one of the boys said to me "It's all cool, little dude, you're part of it all. The mountains and the air and the snow and the trees and you, little dude." And he went on for a while and it did not make very much sense but it made me feel better. And then after that I was not scared anymore.

They called me "little dude." I do not know why.

And we drove through other places. Once one of the boys said to me "Hey, little dude, do you want to drive?" and I thought about it but then I decided that that would not be a good idea, so I went back to chewing on bead strings. We went to a place called "Flaming Gorge", but it was not on fire. And we went to a place called "Dinosaur", but there were no dinosaurs. (I think that dinosaurs would have made me scared again.) And then we went to a place called "Rocky Mountain" and I thought that I had heard of that before. And now we are in a town in the mountains. And when we got there, we went to a house last night, and they turned on TV and there was news and they had a sports reporter. And I saw a person, and it was Paulkareer! I was excited to see a familiar face. But I think that Paulkareer looks better in duck shirt than in the shirt that he wears now.

So now I am here, and I think that I will stay here for a few days, and then find someone to take me to another place. Good bye, everyone! Miluju te, daddy.

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