PJ (petrjunior) wrote,

guess where I am!

I am posting mostly so that my daddy, who I do love and miss, will know that I am okay and that I am safe. Me, PJ! I am in an office. It is okay. They like me.

You remember that I ran away from the house. And I ran and I ran and it was wet and it was not fun to be a wet chinchilla. But I went into a building that was open to everybody. And they had buses there, like the kind that sometimes I would see my daddy get on with his hockey friends, but these had a big dog on the side. And I was thinking that maybe I did not want to be in a dog bus, but it was wet everywhere else and the dog bus was dry on the inside, and so I jumped on a big bag and I rode in the bottom of the bus with the stuff. Oh, for a long time! But it was very nice and dry in there. And not too bumpy. I could run on top of things and I could sleep and I could chew on the big bags and I could be a dry chinchilla.

And I was in the bus for a long time. A very long time. And then it stopped and they took all the bags out and so I got out too. And I was in a city!

It is a very interesting city. There are lots and lots of lights everywhere in lots and lots of colors, and some very interesting people. I was walking around listening to people and looking for things that were food. Most of the pretty shiny sparkly things were not food, though. And I was getting to be a hungry chinchilla, Me, PJ!

And then I heard some men and they were talking. They were talking about going out to the city to a ranch, a ranch for rabbits! Now, I am not a rabbit, I am a chinchilla. Me, PJ! But rabbits are kind of like chinchillas, and I can eat rabbit food in an emergency. So I followed the men into a van that drove for a while and went to the ranch with the rabbits. And I went inside and I was relieved because I thought that there would be food and water for me, PJ!

But I could not tell where they were keeping the rabbits at this ranch. I only saw a lot of women. They did not look like the kinds of women that I am used to, either. My daddy Petr Sykora does not have women like that around! Actually he does not generally have any kind of women around, but this is besides the point. But the women who were there saw me and they were nice to me. They gave me some crackers and they gave me some water and they gave me a bath. But they did not have any chinchilla dust bath dust at the ranch. But one of the nice ladies gave me a big bowl with a lot of her makeup loose powder stuff in it and I rolled in that until I felt very nice and clean again. And then I went back and I rolled in it some more. Me, PJ! It smells very nice. And now I am a chinchilla who smells like flowers!

So I have been very happy at this bunny ranch place, but I think that it is time to move on to another place. I have met a few different guys here and there are some who I think will give me a ride to someplace else. And maybe when I am there I will post more again and tell you about what happens next!

But I do not understand still why they call it a bunny ranch when they have no rabbits there. Hmmmm.

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